frustracиja.’s OPEN CALL: We need your rejections

From 18th September 2015 until 10th October 2015 we have published on out FB Fanpage and Event with following description. We have obtained the rejection letters, which we then used for the next stage of our project.

Dear friends and other potential participants,

Have you ever applied for anything? Have you been rejected from a job position, from a university or an internship?

We, the art collective ‘frustracиja.’, currently focusing on performance projects and installation art, kindly ask you to send us your rejection letters in the form of a PDF or a Word document. You can attach your rejection on the event or send us an e-mail on Your hard-earned rejections will be a part of our installation performance and they will be used (with your permission) in our future projects. Your name and the name(s) of your rejecters can but do not have to be seen. The rejection letters can be in any language. For any further information please feel free to contact us – you will not be rejected! After receiving your rejection letter(s), we will send you back a more detailed e-mail that will provide you closer insight in our work and future plans.

Thank you,


FB page:


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