Credits: ZUMPA

frustracиja. Deal with it @ŽUMPA, Bratislava

frustracиja. “Deal with it” – a participatory installation
04.12.2015, 18:00h, @ŽUMPA, Zochova 16, Bratislava

The art collective frustracиja. has been formed in Vienna in the summer of 2015. The history of the collective starts with the collaborative participatory performative piece “Open Call: Discontinuing Dialogues”, when members of the collective (alongside with two other artists) worked together as a group named CSEEAH. Their performative installation took place on the 25th of May, 2015 at Michaela Stock Gallery in Vienna and was dealing, broadly speaking, with the theme of frustration.

The feeling of frustration by rejection, which appears after an unsuccessful application, for example for a job, is being constitutive and inspirational for the collective and they started to reflect on it within the frameworks of contemporary art practices.

At ŽUMPA in Bratislava, a space for contemporary art practice in the toilet, frustracиja. will present a participatory installation “Deal with it”. The installation consists of two parts; printed rejection letters and waiting-for-reply sheets of paper. The latter sheets of paper are pointing out the frustration that appears after he or she does not get a response at all. The installation is accompanied by a video projection. Video is a mixture of various movie scenes with common trait – a one of frustration. It is accompanied by a disturbing sound instead of the actors ́ lines.

There are two participatory moments in “Deal with it” to be recognized. The first one was being staged online – when people were invited through social network mechanisms to share their rejection letters with frustracиja. collective. In communication with the collective they did not share only their rejection letters, but also their thoughts and feelings that they have developed after receiving the rejections.

This emotionally overloaded content is being transmitted and expressed in the video projection. The second participatory moment happens at ŽUMPA, when the visitors are invited to express their reactions and their own frustrations on the rejection letters that are exhibited on the toilet walls.

At ŽUMPA the past and present frustration overlaps, but has this action a healing potential? The intimate setting of the installation, black and white nostalgia of the video combined with an uneasy sound is part of the setting to which the participants have to bring their own story – to reconstruct it and then to deconstruct it. Maybe they notice after all that the movie scenes are actually funny in their exaggeration and frustration – and so is their frustration?!




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