Frustracиja. Frieze. Your far is maybe farther than mine, but it sucks for both of us now @DOPUST 2017, Michaela Stock Galerie, Vienna

frustracиja. for DOPUST/ Days of open performance VIENNA 2017:

Frieze. Your far is maybe farther than mine, but it sucks for both of us now

Within the framework of the DOPUST 2017: As far as I can go; frustracиja. collective presents on Friday the 30th of June, at 8pm their participative performance Frieze. Your far is maybe farther than mine, but it sucks for both of us now. The title of the performance refers to the architecture element with a narrative power, a place where the décor is usually located – the frieze, which will be imitated in the setting of the piece. The subtitle i.a. localizes the collective within the radical body art practice circle and to explain it further would be too evident.

During their performance, members of frustracиja. circumambulate (i.e. walk about and around, in a ceremonious manner) the room while scratching the plates placed on the wall. In the process, this frieze will produce a cacophonic concert. Scratching the plates with cutlery will result in a distressing sound similar to squeaking of the nails on the chalkboard and other sounds from top ten acoustic horrors. The visitors of the gallery are offered the possibility to take part in the piece. To localize the performance within space and time, the collective offers following statement:

We are frustracиja. Five women in their 20s. Millennial generation. Owning not much, owing not much either. We live in rented flats, sleep in the rented beds. Almost nothing belongs to us. Everything what matters to us you can find online – on our FB profiles, in the pictures from our Instagram accounts. Even this data does not belong to us. Our parents and their parents did it other way. They built their homes earlier and exhibited their precious memories and possessions exclusively there, e.g. they hang the decorative plates on the wall. They arranged them in a meticulous, studious way, as a curator would. Their curating remained mainly on the walls and in the private, safe space of their homes, while ours absorbs every second of our (virtual) lives, open for the world to see. We call up to rearrange this state, to free ourselves from the decor of the self-representation, to scratch onto surface of our shallowness. What should hang on the walls of our generations? Our material portraits are blank. Let´s discover their sound!

This new Viennese frieze is not inspired by any symphony of a great composer, it will perform on its surface its own authorial symphony – that of the agony between planned (intention of scratching) and accidental (actual sound of scratching), of the joy of production and the detachment because of its unpleasantness. The players are compressing all what we do not want to hear into one piece.

Will the audience be relieved after the end of the performance? Will they appreciate the sudden silence? Or will they grind their teeth to fill the void until they return to their squeaky soundtrack of everyday life?











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