FRUSTRACИJA. (Mis)Fortune. Installation and Performance for the “Liebevolle Schimpfwörter” exhibition @Michaela Stock Galerie, Vienna

Installation and participatory performance.

Exhibition Liebevolle Schimpfwörter / Affectionate Terms of Abuse
Duration: 10.9.-7.10.2017

Participative Performances with frustracиja. & Patrick Baumüller

In the exhibition “Liebevolle Schimpfwörter / Affectionate Terms of Abuse” opening on the 9th of September in the Michaela Stock Gallery in Schleifmühlgasse 18, frustracиja. collective is taking part with an installation and performance under the title “(Mis)Fortune”. These performative pieces are shown according to the time framework of the exhibition – installation can be seen from the 9th of September and performance will take place on the 14th during the Bad Word Disco Party.

As the title of the exhibition already suggests, the focus of frustracиja.’s installation and performance are bad words. Bad words from everyday conversations that are used either as a relief from frustrating situations in which one is found or as insulting mechanisms pointed to another person. More precisely, in “(Mis)Fortune” frustracиja. is using bad words wrapped up in fortune cookies as simple and pure insulting little machines. In its essence this piece is marked by (non)radical gestures and absurdity. (Non)radical in a sense that (mis)fortune cookies are just laying in the gallery space prepared and ready to be taken by the public and absurd in a sense that they are not giving away what the public expects. At the same time, while being in the hands of a gallery visitor, the radicality of the hidden message written in one of the languages (German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Slovenian and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) comes to light. It is what it is – harsh, insulting and provocative message whose role is to frustrate and evoke a quick reality check in the ever so fortunate millennial world. However, since some of the messages and their localities are translated into English language their essential meaning might be misunderstood as humoristic or their meaning might also just disappear. In this sense, misfortune of loose translation turns into somebody’s fortune. In the end… is this not what we are all aiming for? To be fortunate. To seek and find fortune in every corner of our everyday lives and at the same time to hide and lie about our misfortune. If we are not fortunate it is as if we are not existing in this millennial goldenpink craze called neoliberal global capitalism of 2017.

Actions of insulating, rejecting and frustrating the audience are becoming inherent to frustracиja.’s artistic practice and a sort of modus operandi of the collective. This particular piece is very easily connected to frustracиja.’s performance “Pocket Hate” in Elektrogönner Club in Vienna in December 2016. Both performative pieces are using language and its insulting possibilities, food props and the ambiance of a clubbing environment. While in “Pocket Hate”, frustracиja. used a Christmas characteristic – chocolate Santa Clauses, in “(Mis)Fortune” frustracиja. uses cookies hand-made by the members of the collective. The fact that they are hand-made and therefore (mis)shaped and not perfect as the ones you can find in restaurants, is constructing even better body of fortune gone wrong. It is deconstructing the myth of the perfect path that has to be found and followed and together with the insulting message it is taking away every joy of a cookie. At the same time the cookie can be interpreted as a reward for an individual that went through disappointment and frustration.

Alongside with the hand-made (mis)fortune cookies, one can experience scary or utterly funny piñatas. They are here to be watched and observed… and more cannot be said in this text, since it is yet to be experienced on the 14th of September as part of the guerilla action in the Bad Word Disco – where all your expectations might be turned into a slamming party frustration.

Yours truly,





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