Frustracиja. Bad Easter(n) Bunnies @ Vienna, Austria

Frustracиja. Bad Easter(n) Bunnies 

A public space intervention executed between the 29th of March and 1st of April 2018 in Vienna.

This Easter, Eastern European art collective frustracиja., prepared for the visitors of Viennese shopping malls a not-so-sweet surprise. In contingency to their Christmas performance with Bad Santas, they decided to intervene in commercial spaces filled with the seasonal offer of Easter chocolate goods.

They simply added a short tag with text such as “suck my eggs” or “Buy! Buy! Buy!” onto the rabbit-shaped-sweets.

The obvious commercialization of this Christian holiday is accompanied in the case of the Austria´s neighbor Slovakia with uneven rewarding with these treats only to boys. In today´s context one cannot overlook the question of the production and working conditions from cocoa bean to our hands. However, globalized offer of branded chocolate goods spreads banal, but unhealthy message, which has nothing to do with the origin of these holidays.


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