frustracиja. is an all-female art collective established in 2015 as a five-member group for the exchange of ideas and experiences and a platform for the production of innovative artistic and cultural projects. Our collective practice has been focused on performance and participatory installations grappling with the feelings and states of frustration, absurdity, and irony. The very beginnings of frustracиja.’s artistic practice are rooted in confrontation with and dialogue through technology, the internet, and the digitalized communication they enable.
> frustracija/фрустрација/frustration/Frustration/frustrácia/розчарування/разочарование <
1. a feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something : the state of being frustrated
2. something that causes feelings of anger and annoyance : something that frustrates someone
3. the act of preventing the success of something : the act of frustrating something.
We are a collective of five women, connected to each other and Vienna, and operating mainly within the spheres of contemporary art and art history. Building on different experiences steaming from our background from different countries in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, we are using the collective as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as creating progressive art and culture.
Mind Your Fucking Baggage, performance, LINE IN #10: Politics of Liberation at fluc – art and music space in Vienna
Bad Easter(n) Bunnies, public space action in Vienna
(Mis)Fortune, installation and performance within the exhibition
Liebevolle Schimpfwörter at Michaela Stock Gallery in Vienna
Frieze. Your far is maybe farther than mine, but it sucks for both of us now, performance within the art festival DOPUST (Days of Open Performance), taking place at Michaela Stock Gallery in Vienna
Pocket Hate, performance at the Entkunstung magazine release in Elektro Gönner, Vienna
A wo(man)’s Ritual, performance within the art festival DOPUST (Days of Open Performance), taking place at Michaela Stock Gallery in Vienna
Deal with it, participatory installation in ŽUMPA Gallery in Bratislava
Open Call: Discontinuing Dialogues, performative piece, realized with
collaborators as CSEEAH. Group at Michaela Stock Gallery in Vienna
FAQ: Why we use и in the name of the collective?
We use и (the letter “i” in Cyrillic) in the name and the logo of our artist/art historian collective for several reasons:
1. We, the founding members of the frustracиja. are all of Slavic background and nationality. Cyrillic/Azbuka is a Slavic script used in some of the counties from where we originate, while in the others the official script is exclusively Latin. As student migrants we are integrating in Austrian society. This integration is represented by the integration of the one Cyrillic letter into a word between other Latin letters.
2. We are pointing out that we come from different environments that are often contrasting the one in which we work at the moment, by pointing to our (personal) migrations from East to Central Europe.
3. This is a way of connecting East/Southeast with Central/Western Europe and our future collective work will definitely (and almost inevitably) touch on the contact and division points between Eastern and Western cultures, artists, institutions…
4. On another level in this one word we are connecting ‘Croatian’ (‘Bosnian’ also) and ‘Serbian’ language/s as the word contains has both types of letters, and the difference in the script is basically the main, biggest difference between these languages.
Yours truly,